12 International Travel Essentials

Going into my seventh year of traveling, it never gets any easier. I know sometimes it looks very glamorous on the outside but anyone who is an avid traveler will tell you, most times, it is anything of the sort. There are always situations that pop up unexpectedly and you have to figure out how to maneuver in and out of these tough and tricky situations. I honestly think it makes us better people, especially when it comes to decision making. Although traveling can have its rough edges, it is such a magnificent and beautiful thing to be able to do.  Here are the 12 items that I absolutely must bring along when traveling: 


Space Saver Travel Bags

It’s a wonder how I made it so long without these handy bags. Neatly rolling my clothes at the beginning of my trip but somehow, in the end,  my clothes would be everywhere. With these space saver bags I’m not only able to make more space in my luggage but able to put my clothes in an organized manner.

Foot Sling

Honestly, I don’t know how I lived without this thing. Since life hasn’t afforded me to fly first class yet, going on long-haul flights with your feet up makes it so much more comfortable! It is easy to use and pack making it a great travel accessory.


Dirty Laundry Bag

Simple as it is, who wants to mix clean and dirty clothes?  This easily portable laundry bag makes all the difference. I use to tell myself, I’d know which clothes were dirty and which ones were clean. By the end of the trip, I wouldn’t know which were which. Hints why this is some of the best $10 spent. 

Luggage Scale

I’m currently a work in progress, however,  I am definitely an over-packer. This little device has saved my life, literally. There have been a few times I’ve been in the middle of the airport sorting my luggage out, even causing me to miss a flight…or two. With this cheap, easy, and light device I’m able to weigh and figure out what I can and cannot take before even leaving my house. Seriously, if you are an over-packer do not hesitate to buy this.  

Collapse Water Bottle

Bringing your own water bottle has many benefits. Not only are you saving money, but you’re also saving the environment, you treehugger.  With the collapsing water bottle, it allows even more space than a normal one. Seriously, as nice as it is to have a water bottle sometimes those big bulky ones can just get in the way. These solve the issues with spacing as they don’t even have to go inside your bag, but easily clips on the outside. 


Listen, I’m not one of those super stylish travelers, I do like to travel for comfort. I also like to travel with efficiency, that’s why I prefer to carry a backpack.  With my backpack, I have a ton of space so I can get all of my items to fit. For example, I bring my baby wipes, noise cancellation headphones, compression socks, snacks, my laptop. I mean it’s a wonder I even have space afterward. So I need to have a lot of different compartments for all my many different things in many different sizes. I bought this backpack in 2018 and it has gone on every single trip, it’s very sturdy, reliable and waterproof. For sure worth the $33.99 price tag. 


Portable Wifi 

Picture this, it’s 2 am, you’ve just landed in a country, solo dolo. Only to find out, there’s no free internet at the airport, all the sim card stalls are shut down and you have no idea how to get to your accommodation. This is where this slice of heaven steps in to save the early mornings in the airport panicking. I have used Skyroam in the past, however with my Google Pixel, bought directly from Google, I’m able to get wifi in about 180 countries. Plus, the Pixel takes fantastic pictures! 

If you’re looking to purchase the Google Pixel, don’t hesitate. I was never an Android fan and this phone is fantastic. Clicking the link you get $20 in Pixel credits once you’re activated for more than 30 days.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

These bad boys are for all of the crying babies on-board. I fully understand parents really can’t control their one-and-a-half-year-old screaming at the top of his lungs for the last 2 hours.

I do.

However, I don’t want to hear it hour 10 of the 15-hour flight. Thankfully for you, with these noise-canceling headphones, none of this matters. It will drown out the loud cries as you listen to WizKid’s new album. These are essential for my traveling, as it seems,  my luck always puts me near a crying baby.  There are many different versions of these headphones, I generally use the ones I got for Christmas as they are light and super easy to store. 


Baby Wipes 

Any sort of wet wipes on a long trip is perfect. You are easily able to wipe up something you’ve dropped on the plane,  you’re easily able to refresh yourself after a long flight. So even the smallest pack is essential. Make sure you’re purchasing flushable, bio-degradable wipes, being kind to Mother Earth is also essential. 


Passport Holder 

I love this passport holder so much I bought it twice. Although it can fit many different cards in the small space I overpacked my first one and it ripped. I was much more careful with my second one and it has lasted me about a year with absolutely no issues. It’s cute, stylish and convenient holding all of your personal documents in one place. For $6.99 you can’t beat it! 


Compression Socks 

I remember the first time my feet had become so swollen, I couldn’t put my shoes on at the end of the flight. I had to walk off the plane with a heel sticking out just to put something on my feet. These compression socks have helped tremendously when it comes to swelling. I’m one of those people who feel quite ridiculous walking around the plane so I tend to sit down unless I’m going to the restroom. With these socks, I can possibly reassure myself that even at the end of the longest flights my feet won’t be swollen. These socks come in a pack of 3 for $12.59. 


Audible Books 

I never thought I’d ever be able to get into audible books. Personally, I’m a kinesthetic learner so I like to feel and touch my books.  

But there’s only so much space in my backpack.

 In the beginning,  I found it very hard to listen to audible books but it turns out I just didn’t have the right book for me. I found that listening to the “You Are a Badass” series was great for listening longevity.  Find what story reaches you best, you’ll see that “carrying” three books is better than one. 



I’m sure there are other things that you could add to the list, however, these are the things that I don’t go anywhere without whether it’s domestic or international. I hope this list helps you travel more comfortably. 



Keep in mind these are Amazon links and I’m an affiliate. If you do click them and purchase an item, I do receive a percentage of the sale.


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