LayoverLove : Reykjavik, Iceland Edition

It’s no secret, we’re always looking for the best deal when traveling abroad. My go-to has always been Skyscanner. I’ve heard there are cheaper sites to scout but it’s kind of like when an Android user tells you their phone has better features than the Iphone. Maybe it’s true, but honestly I couldn’t care less. They have never let me down, especially when I’m not quite sure where my next trip will be. They have this feature where you can select your departing airport and destination “everywhere”. They give you a list of all the flights RT from cheapest to most expensive. It’s how I found RT to Cuba for $240! How can you beat that?!


back to the real topic at hand. Layovers and giving them plenty of love. A lot of people dread long layovers but I’m here to tell you can absolutely make the most of it!

12 hours in a city? No problem!

Many cities are now offering tons of tours, some free, for those long unwarranted hours you don’t want to spend in the airport. For instance, Turkey’s airport now offers free, yes FREE! tours from 8am-9pm EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Recently, I booked my flight to Beirut and purposely choose a flight with a long layover just to take advantage of this very free opportunity.

Icelandair also provides long layovers, just so you’re able to explore the city. Iceland is known for being quite expensive, so taking a layover tour was about the only thing my wallet was set up for. There are a few competitive touring companies but I ended up booking with to visit the Blue Lagoon. Their website has TONS of options, but again wallet size/time, this is what I could afford.

Let me just say, the Blue Lagoon is absolutely worth! If you have the time, don’t second guess it, just go. Here’s a rundown on what I took advantage of.

I booked my transport through Northbound that cost $35, the Blue Lagoon offers transport but turns out, it’s more expensive. There are different entrance fees once you make it to the Lagoon, depending on the package you choose. I decided with the “Comfort” package, which cost $65 and included a mud mask, towel, and a 1st drink of my choice.

Oh, I didn’t stop there.

If anyone knows me, they know I can’t resist a good massage. Blame it on my granny and her tactics she used to make me sleep as a child or the fact I lived in Asia for five years. Either way, it’s absolute kryptonite. Months before, I gripped my wallet and closed my eyes as I pushed the confirm button on a 30min – $93 massage.

“ This better be worth it! “

I didn’t know what to expect as shook hands with a huge Scandinavian man, hopped on this floating device, covered up with a towel, and was asked to strip down to mid-waist. Though the massage area is more private, I was still out in the open and with a strange man. However, there was NO WAY I was letting $93 go to waste.

When I tell you this was absolutely one of THE best massages I’ve had in my life, there is no exaggeration. ZERO. This strange man had touched my body in ways I never knew I needed. 30 minutes felt like 5 and here I was trying to figure out how to extend my time. I didn’t even care how much it cost at that point. Unfortunately for me, my lovely Scandinavian was booked for the rest of the day. So let me say, don’t make my mistake. If you love massages, just booked the 60 minutes, and thank me later.

While I didn’t get to explore Iceland as nearly as much as I’d like, I did get a small sample of what the country had to offer. Layover tours are awesome way to cut the costs and see parts of the world in just a few hours time!

 The Blue Lagoon is a man-made geothermal spa but is filled with TONS of minerals great for your skin!

The Blue Lagoon is a man-made geothermal spa but is filled with TONS of minerals great for your skin!