AdventureTime: Paragliding in Cape Town

Two weeks into my move to Cape Town. I was beginning to go stir-crazy. I was working non-stop and honestly a bit nervous to venture out into my new town.

Then I thought:

  • This isn’t me. nervous? neeerrvvooous? Nervous about what? You’ve already moved 4K miles away to a place you where you don’t anyone.
  • You came to explore. to know. to learn. to get a bit adventurous.
  • What’s something you have never done before?

I quickly Google searched a few companies in town. Found “Cape Town Tandem Paragliding“. They had great reviews across the board and with video/photos, it was R1600. Sold. The next day I was running off the side of Signal Hill with a strange man I had only met 5 minutes before.


Honestly, it was one of the best times of my life!

While I’ll never bungee jump, in life, EVER.

I’d definitely sign up to paraglide, anywhere in the world.


Check out the video of me screaming my head off. 




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