Meet Digital Nomad: Núria Estruga


Say hello to Núria Estruga, a digital marketing specialist. She offers Digital Marketing Services such as Web Design, Content Creation & Copywriting, SEO, SEM (Paid ads), Social Media Management, and Brand Strategy. She also does graphic designs like advertising, catalogs, banners, etc.

Where are you originally from and where are you located now?
I am from Artés, a small village, 1 hour from Barcelona. From 2016 until the end of 2018, I have been living in Istanbul where I started my professional career in the Digital Marketing field. Since October 2018 I have been traveling around Asia, starting in India and at the moment I am in Sri Lanka.

How do you maintain your digital nomad/expat lifestyle?

I have a main client which allows me to live and travel around Asia (quite cheap countries) and now I am starting to get other clients. To me networking all the time is the key. Also, I have been doing some volunteers and some “skills trading” in order to get accommodation, yoga lessons, meditation lessons in exchange for free websites, content creation, etc.

What’s the hardest part about constantly traveling?
I love it so much, but maybe the hardest part is to adapt to new places. For me, it usually takes a few days (maybe 3-4) to get totally comfortable in a place. That is why I had to stop traveling fast and move more slowly, maybe visiting fewer spots but feeling better and make every new place like my new home. Also, as I love to travel to less touristic places, so sometimes I struggle with an Internet connection (especially in India or Nepal) and then I have to go find other places where I can work more comfortable.


How many countries have you lived in and traveled to?

I have lived in Spain, Belgium, and Turkey. Since October 2018 I have been traveling in India, Nepal, India again and now I’m in Sri Lanka.

Then, I have traveled in Thailand, also India a few years ago, in some countries in Europe, I have been to New York, Cuba… but most of these places have been pretty short holidays.





Where do you see yourself settling down when the travel dust settles?

I think I am still trying to find my place. I would love to live somewhere where there is good weather, good food, nice people and sea… also, I would need a good Internet connection to keep working online.

What is your advice for someone ready to quit their office job?

Go for it! Do it! It won’t be as easy as it seems, but with a positive and creative mind… everything is possible!

What inspired you to venture out in the world?

I love traveling. I love meeting new people. I love learning about new cultures. I love discovering new places. I love going on adventures. I was living in my hometown almost all my life and, during the last years I was there I started feeling I needed more to be happy, I needed to experience more.



What are some the hardships of this lifestyle?

Traveling to places where most of the people are on holidays can be hard sometimes, as I have to work and the other people are mostly chilling. Also, being very organized and focused, in order to be able to keep offering a good service to the clients.

How has the lifestyle benefited you?

I have been able to discover places I always wanted to, I meet some of the most amazing and wonderful people I met so far in my life. I learned how to deal with business struggles and how to react in a positive way with hard situations. I learned about new cultures and I apply what I think it benefits me in my lifestyle.


What have you learned about yourself during this journey?

I’ve learned how to be alone and enjoy being by myself, I started being my best friend, which is not easy. I also learned I could make a lot of improvements in my behaviors and I can be a better person.


Was there a time you felt unsafe during your travels?

I have never felt unsafe. Of course, I don’t put myself in dangerous situations like being in very dark places, streets during night time alone.

What are some things you wish you would have known before traveling?

I wish I knew traveling would make me feel so rich a few years ago so, I would have started before.

How can people find you to watch your journey?

I am not a travel blogger, but on Instagram, I try to keep posting photos of places where I am. Besides, I have my FB page where I mostly share stuff about digital marketing and also, if I can, related to my travels. Besides, I have my blog on, but I also don’t give tips about traveling, I write articles related to traveling, women, entrepreneurship, marketing, etc.




Instagram: @nurispetx

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